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  1. Aug 4, 2015
    Cosmonautica is a hugely ambitious space exploration game, but one that clearly wasn't made with phones in mind.
  2. Sep 30, 2015
    The premise is very interesting and so is the characterization, but Cosmonautica has many flaws in balance and adaptation to mobile devices. It's ultimately more intricate than fun, nevertheless it can be also satisfying if you manage to enter in its complex mechanism.
  3. Aug 3, 2015
    Overall, it would be hard to recommend the mobile version of Cosmonautica to anyone but absolute lovers of space trading games. There is great potential here, but Chasing Carrots has a lot of work to do before I’d feel comfortable giving it a proper endorsement.
  4. Oct 13, 2015
    For a game billed as “A Space Trading Adventure”, Cosmonautica is too darn easy. It took me just one hour to amass enough fortune to roll in the dough for the rest of the game. And it’s all thanks to a dumb, single-cell economic model.
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  1. Aug 4, 2015
    please note, that i havent played the ios version but rather the PC/Android version. but im assuming the bugs are present on every platform.please note, that i havent played the ios version but rather the PC/Android version. but im assuming the bugs are present on every platform.

    i would give this game a higher score. but after playing 12 hours through the campaign, the game is currently filled with too many game breaking bugs.

    the game has potential to be good. but with all the bugs, and lack of depth, it really needs a lot of work.

    once you make enough money in the game, and move onto the better ships. the game just becomes too easy and hardly fun anymore.
    with that said, one of the game breaking bugs right now is during battles. if you can make the AI submit, they throw anywhere from 35,000>46,000 credits. which the 120K ship. this is super easy to do. even easier if you already have shields and a hacker. now dont get me started on 2 shields. you are pretty much invincible.

    so you see where im going with this.

    it has potential to be good. but too many bugs, and flaws and lack of depth.

    another game breaking bug that i found, that make me completely give up on the game was cross-platforming saves. it works once. but never again. in my feeble attempt to get it working i just got all my saved games deleted. i guess maybe the Devs were trying to do me a favor by sparing me from the horror that is this game.

    clearly it was rushed out the door. lacks any sort of Testing.

    but like i said. it has potential. but with all the work that needs to be done to even sort through the bugs, it maybe be a while before this game has any depth and replay factor.