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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 17
  2. Negative: 4 out of 17
  1. Feb 14, 2019
    Despite some flaws in terms of story and UI, Crackdown 3 is a decent sequel in the series.
  2. Feb 16, 2019
    Crackdown 3 is a weird one to review, because it feels distinctly out of date. The delays and changes in direction have resulted in a modern game with design sensibilities that feel over a decade old, but they hold up incredibly well. While not a long campaign, the time I spent with Crackdown 3 was a lot of fun and it's an easy recommendation to fans of the original. Just make sure to play as Terry Crews to improve the experience.
  3. Feb 14, 2019
    Crackdown 3 comes directly from the past, from an era in which the open-world action games focused mainly on the number of things to do, to the detriment of the overall quality and variety of situations. This does not mean that the formula proposed by Sumo Digital doesn’t work: far from it. But it’s linked to a now anachronistic concept of a genre that has evolved over the last couple of years into something that goes beyond the simple repetition of the same tasks throughout the duration of the campaign.
  4. Feb 21, 2019
    Despite all the promises and the delays, Crackdown 3 is an unexpected miracle. It’s genuinely a fun game to pick up and play for a couple of days, but not for longer, as its dated design will turn this experience into a boring and monotonous adventure. Might not be worth the full price, but for members of Xbox Game Pass it’s an obligatory stop.
  5. Feb 20, 2019
    The bland, repetitive mission design and a boring story make Crackdown 3 a quite forgettable experience.
  6. Feb 15, 2019
    Sumo and Elbow Rocket’s insistence on treating a game from 2007 like a sacred text is strange. The original Crackdown was fresh and exhilarating, and bounding across the city as a superhuman agent was a thrilling sensation. Since then, a lot has happened in the genre. Developers have found ways to incorporate destruction into the action as they weave interesting choices and competent world-building into their narratives. Crackdown 3 aims far lower, and manages to hit that disappointing target.
  7. Feb 15, 2019
    Repetitive and middling, Crackdown 3 is a totally average open-world game that doesn't give itself a way to stand out.
  8. Feb 14, 2019
    Competent, with enough fun weapons and silly spectacle to make it inoffensive entertainment. While a half-decade of development hell could’ve ended with worse results, it’s tough to muster much excitement for what’s here.
  9. Edge Magazine
    Mar 28, 2019
    We'd be lying if we pretended we didn't have some fun with it. But it only works in the same way a McDonald's occasionally hits the spot: this is cheap, junk-food gaming that comes with a side-order of regret. [Issue#331, p.110]
  10. Mar 17, 2019
    I think no one would have shed a tear if Microsoft quietly canceled this pointless game instead of seeing to completion.
  11. Feb 20, 2019
    Crackdown 3 offers the same experience as the original. Mainly collecting orbs and getting greater because of them is very entertaining. Too bad it's ten years too late: it's old-fashioned and boring, even when EVERYTHING is exploding around you.
  12. Feb 14, 2019
    A confusing end to a confusing era for Microsoft. We can hope, at least.
  13. Feb 14, 2019
    The single player campaign of Crackdown 3 and its multiplayer betray the troubled development of this game. The final result is patchy and not convincing.
  14. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Apr 4, 2019
    The development of the third Crackdown got stuck somewhere and it is hard to tell if it’s because of complications with the cloud or just a bad vision. The result, however, is a very average game that entertains only undemanding players or fans of the series. [Issue#293]
  15. Mar 21, 2019
    This is a mediocre release, and whatever excuse we make for it – that it’s practically free, that we expected no better, or that it’s following one of the worst sequels of all time – doesn’t make it look any less out of date.
  16. Feb 14, 2019
    I don't think I'd call Crackdown 3 an awful game, but I would call it dated.
  17. Feb 14, 2019
    Crackdown 3 feels too similar to the game that came before it; it’s like Sumo has made Crackdown 2 again, ignoring everything it could have learned from the last decade of open world titles.
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  1. Feb 14, 2019
    On paper, Crackdown 3’s single-player campaign checks all the boxes that made the original an enjoyable game – but playing through it is about as exciting as running down a checklist and becomes downright repetitive after the first few hours. Its second-to-second combat is uninteresting outside of a couple of boss fights, and even though there’s a compulsive satisfaction to be had in crossing off its many itemized activities, it's never any more than that. [Campaign Mode = 50]
  2. It reeks of development hell, as demoralising to play as I imagine it was to make. Yes, clearing a map of its icons can be readily distracting, and it fulfils this role at least. But that’s no longer nearly enough. Although I’ll say one thing for it, that shouldn’t be underappreciated. It’s fast travel is fast – it loads anywhere on the map incredibly quickly. Which would be a nice thought to end on, if I didn’t add: it’s just it’s not much fun when you get there.
User Score

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  1. Positive: 47 out of 212
  1. Feb 15, 2019
    Bought this game with Xbox Game Pass to enjoy Coop campaign like the old days with Crackdown 2. This game is a mess at the very start. 30fpsBought this game with Xbox Game Pass to enjoy Coop campaign like the old days with Crackdown 2. This game is a mess at the very start. 30fps cutscenes, and GET THIS: COOP CAMPAIGN IS LOCKED AT 30FPS. The characters are jittery due to this, and the game is just flat-out not enjoyable enough for us to continue. I would only recommend buying this on PC if you want to play solo campaign. Even then, the games a mess with graphics bugs and a lackluster Multiplayer. Full Review »
  2. Feb 15, 2019
    This Game is the biggest Joke in this generation, It looks like a 360 Game. Bad Storyline, bad character, bad gameplay...
    Xbox is almost dead.
  3. Feb 15, 2019
    All those delays since 2014, for what? A disappointing game with PS2 Graphics? There's nothing special about the game, a complete Disappointment.